Sunday, 26 July 2009


lUKE: " Gallery of modern art? .....Gallery of modern pish"

My friend Luke asked me if i wished to join him and the group to the modern art gallery to see an LGBT exhibition, it sounded interesting so i said yes.
The group consisted of three guys, for the purposes of this blog i shall call them Hanks, Biff, and Gio :) so anyway we made of way into the building i went in with an open mind but deep down i knew it be shit :) - the "art" included a tree with a penis coming out of it, a video of a woman shoving pages from the bible in her bra/pants, a spring, and darth vader in a bra - the geek in me was outraged that they would show the sith lord in this way lol ...........oh and i almost forgot a painting of two old women in their underwear -as a nurse who takes care of the elderly i see enougth of this. :) Luke and i laughed our way through the exhibition while the others seemed interested, after what seemed a life time we made our way to the gift shop where i thought i saw a picture of C3P0 and leaped forward to have a better look sadly it was just a woman in bondage gear - i really should go for that eye test.
It was time for lunch yum yum - where would we go?? TGI'S, Frankie and Benny's??....... nooooooo it would be none of the above :( Hanks could only eat certain things because of his religion, Biff was a veggie, gio was fussy and luke suffers from what i call Milhouse syndrome hahaha, so we ended up going to a Vegetarian place which i shall call crudio. I didn't like anything on the menu..... Hanks, Biff and Gio were all.. oh cous cous with salad and sweet potatoe chips in the end i copied Luke and just got veg Fajitas, i thought i wouldn't miss the meat turns out it's the meat that gives it taste.
1. Modern art sucks
2. Veggie options may be healthy but they taste like shit
3. seeing Modern art + eating Veggie food makes me a really good friend :)
4. From a distance a woman in bondage gear looks like C3P0

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Psychics are full of crap

I went to see a psychic a while ago with my friends, i'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to psychics however i thought i'd give the guy a chance. The show started at 7.30 so we got there early and took a seat, the place was packed and reeked of pish possibly from the 90% of old women that were there. The guy came out he was fat and bald and looked more like a wrestler than a psychic. " I'm getting the name John" was the first thing he said i wanted to leave, almost everyone in the hall put their hand up he picked out this old women and said it's your father, he passed on due to problems in his chest or abdomen. The old lady was amazed, the auidence gasped,.......... i vomited. The old lady is about 90 clearly her father is dead and problems with the chest or abdomen covers quite a lot of illnesses. He continued with vauge rubbish like:You have a box of old unsorted photographs in your house.( who doesn't?)You're having problems with a friend or relative ( Everyone has problems with friends and family)At the break i heard 2 old women discussing the show and saying how immpressed they were. He's amazing How does he do it? i turned around and said he uses a technique called cold reading, i went on to explain that conmen use it in order to convince another person that they know much more about them than they actually do. Even without prior knowledge of a given person, a cold reader could still quickly obtain a great deal of information about his subject by carefully analyzing his or her body language clothing or fashion hairstyle gender religion race or ethnicity education level, manner of speech and place of origin. This is called profiling They looked at me blankly and said yeah but how did he know that womans man was called john? I gave up, if people want to believe in rubbish it's up to them . My opinion ALL PSYCHICS ARE FULL OF CRAP.....

My X files i want to believe review at last

It was 1994 and i was 11 years old, my dad informed me that there was new show about aliens on a at 9.00, It was called the X FILES. As a younster i was fascinated by the idea of life on other planets...... you could say i wanted to believe;)The years went by and my love/obsession for the show grew and grew and after 7 great seasons, 2 not so good seasons and an ok movie it ended :(The years went by and i dreamed of second movie, i believed in XF2 .....and in the summer of 2008 my dream came true.....The x files: i want to believe was being made. I longed for a monster of the week type movie with a twist, mulder and scully would be back at the FBI and it would be dark and scary, however i want to believe provided none of this :( instead we got a preachy story about stem cells, pedophile priests and body parts. The film was confusing and at times made no sense, there was many questions, like:-

Why did the doctors go to all that trouble to help some ex altar boy ?-

Why did he have to have a womans body, i'm sure there were some guys with that blood type- Why was Billy Connolly, Amanda Peet and Xzibit cast??-

What was the guy who worked at the pool all about ??

The film was really bad i hadn't felt such disappointment since seeing Star wars ep 1 the phantom menace :( it could have been great, a major comeback instead it was one of the worst movies of 2008. As i write this there is word of a third film - lets hope that Mr carter and co come up with something better for i want to believe in XF3 :)


QUOTES Fox Mulder: Don't give up.[he pauses as he follows Scully to her car]

Why would he say such a thing to you?

Dana Scully: I think that was clearly meant for you, Mulder.

Fox Mulder: He didn't say it to me; he said it to you.