Tuesday, 26 January 2010


My list continues in no particular order ........


PLOT: Aliens from the roswell crash attended roswell high - sounds stupid but it's great

WHY: Being a big x files fan i only started watching this show because it was x file like ...oh and breandan fehr looks like a young David Duchovny

BEST: Michael and Maria - so funny together, isobel power to go into people's dreams ..so cool

BEST EPISODES: pilot, summer of 47, The convention, the white room, a roswell christmas carol, viva las vegas, i married an alien, departure.

JUMP THE SHARK: Season 3 - what were they thinking ?


PLOT: Frank Black is an ex FBI agent working for a mysterious organization known as the millennium group.

WHY: Seeing how i loved the x files so much i thought i'd give chris carters other show a go...and i'm glad i did, milliennium is scary and interesting and it some episodes remind me of those early x files.

HIGHLIGHTS: Seeing people from the x files pop up, x files refs, the creepy serial killers, the music.

BEST EPISODES: A room with no view (love is blue) most of season 1/2
JUMP THE SHARK: When franks hair turned grey over night / season 3


PLOT : Animated sictom about a yellow family

WHY: I first saw the simpsons on video, it was a really early episode, at the time i just saw it as a cartoon it would be years later that i would fully appreciate the humour of the show.

BEST BITS: Everything homer says, when they sing a song, fat comic book guy
BEST EPISODES: so many ... Fat homer, ned flanders house is destroyed, lisa's first word, i love lisa, sending our love down the well, a fish called selma, the springfield files, my sister my sitter, every ep featuring comic book guy

JUMP THE SHARK: Newer episodes, clip shows, simpsons doing bible stories ...not funny


PLOT : The series follows Las Vegas
criminologists as they use physical evidence to solve grisly murders.

WHY: I didn't pay much attention to CSI at first because it was on ch 5, and at that time everyting on that channel was shit. The first episode i saw involved a bus crash, the show looked like a mini movie and i love all the puzzles. For me the first 6- 7 seasons are the best, it's losing it's touch now.

BEST: Sara and grissom, serial killer episodes.
JUMP THE SHARK : When sara and grissom left.


PLOT : Adventures of Tim and Daisy as they navigate through life.

WHY: Spaced is every fanboy/girls dream show, every episodes will feature some x files, star trek , star wars ref. The show is also really funny but there's a lot of jokes you'll only get if you a geek.

BEST: Tims reaction to srar wars episode 1
JUMP THE SHARK: It only lasted 2 seasons so it never had time to jump


PLOT: High school show focusing on the freeks and geeks

WHY: I just recently disovered this show and loved it. It's the first high school show that i've seen that looks at the freaks and geeks ...who are far more intereting than the cheerleaders and jocks.

BEST: Lindsay stoned, geeks going to the convention, sams jump suit.
JUMP THE SHARK: It never did


PLOT: Two FBI agents investigate the paranormal one a believer the other a skeptick ...brilliant

WHY: When i heard about the x files i thought it was a weekly documentary about aliens so when i switched on at first i was a little disappointed however after the a few episodes i was hooked. It's a show that makes you think, laugth, cry, and wonder - it is in my opinion the greatest show ever.

BEST: Mulder and Scully shippy scenes, the aliens, the monsters, .........
JUMP THE SHARK : Season 8, the show is about mulder and scully take one of the away and it's shit.