Sunday, 7 March 2010


Over the last few weeks i have seen two films in 3D one was rather good and the other was painfully bad...lets start with the good

From the opening scene i was like WOW, the picture is so clear that you feel the actors are standing right in front of you, i love the world Cameron has created, the creatures, the plants, the characters, visually everything is spot on.

The weakest part of the movie is the storyline there isn't really anything to it and the plot is predictable, even Stevie Wonder could see whats coming.

Overall i really enjoyed the movie the stunning effects make up for the bland plot.



The first Tim Burton film i ever saw was Beetlejuice, the wit, imagination and brilliance of this film made me a Tim Burton fan, now i sit and watch his latest work/re imagined Alice in wonderland and all i can say is ...WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP there is no wit or imagination just boring scene after boring scene.

The worst parts of the movie include:

- The door mouse voiced by Barbara Winsor (stick to Eastenders )

-Paul Whitehouse as the march hare does a really bad Scottish accent and so does Johnny Depp for a bit ....for some reason.

The effects are ok not as good as avatar but what is. Overall it was really bad, i was expecting a dark twisted tale but all we get is a light pile of shite.


In conclusion both films look good but the story lines are dull and in Alice in wonderlands case... very dull.