Friday, 13 January 2012


It probably is the finely detailed insanity that you’ve come to expect from me, i created my own x files mini office, here's a quick guide to how i made it :)

The base is made from two cardboard boxes that i put together and painted with model paint, i then added pictures to the wall - for example the famous i want to believe poster and a cute picture of mulder and scully that we see in a load of episodes.

Desk and bookcase and other items were purchased from i made books and folders from card then i added covers.

Computer and desk were purchased from ebay, badges and sunflower seeds i got from x files palz figures, made the jose chung book with cardboard and printed the cover.

Laptop made from dental case and screen and keyboard cute from a magizine, flukeman file added.

Picture of samantha added from google, FBI box , face on mars. Pin boards bought from the above link, pictures added from google.

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