Thursday, 16 December 2010


We all remember murder she wrote, in fact if you've seen one episode, you've seen them all. Evey week we see novelist Jessica Fletcher investigating a murder, the police will be dumb, the murderer will be obvious and someone will utter the line .." Jessica Fletcher the famous novelist" despite these flaws i love it, so when i heard that there was a MSR game i ran to the nearest suermarket bargain bin to buy it.


PLOT: Jessica Fletcher, the widowed substitute English teacher turned successful novelist who turned down a glitzy life as an author in murder-filled New York City for a nice quiet life as an author in murder-filled Cabot Cove, Maine is back in five red-herring-filled mysteries. True to the source material, Fletcher’s eccentric obsession and curiosity with murders trumps all chain of command and standard protocol with the local authorities, so she teams up again with Dr. Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger to investigate the whodunits.

REVIEW:Featuring 5 original cases and over 6 hours of gameplay...(yes you heard right 6 hours) you get to take on the role of jessica and...sit and click your mouse on a puzzle in order to find hidden objects, this is basicially the whole game and it gets boring after 2 minutes and to make things worse you have to complete about 5 or 6 of these hidden object puzzles just to complete the first case, then every so often you will find an object that will trigger a cutscene. For example, finding a box of toothpicks might lead to a cutscene where Jessica will say something like ... "Oh, a box of toothpicks! Mr. X was chewing on a toothpick when we spoke to him earlier. We need to go talk to him again!" ( rolls eyes)

However not everything is a straight-forward point-and-click to find a hidden object. In this puzzle, you might be tasked to find a tape recorder, which is in a secret compartment covered by planks, which needs to be opened with a hammer or crowbar. To make things more tricky, some of the objects in the hidden object scenes animate and move when you highlight them. Unfortunately, most of these are red herrings that are not related to your actual task and it pisses you off big time. If ever there was a computer game for an old lady this is it, it's graphics are similar to jackanory it features annoying puzzles and they didn't even get Angela Lansbury to do the voice of jessica ...even she thought it was shit.

With this game in the public domain i shudder to think whats next...father dowling mysteries the game ....i spoke too soon ..looks like this actually excists, lord almighty.

In conclusion this video game is murder