Saturday, 23 October 2010


Who should play superman ?

Brandon Routh

WHO: Brandon is best known for playing superman in the last movie, Superman returns.

MY OPINION: I wasn't a big fan of SR, it was an ok movie but in all a bit of a let down. I did however like Brandon's performance, he looked the part and in certain scenes he reminded me of the late great Christopher Reeve.

Hendry Cavil

WHO: British actor best known for appearing in the Tudours

MY OPINION: He looks too young to be Superman, i don't see him as the man of steele

Jon Hamm

WHO: Best known for tv shows, mad men and 30 rock

MY OPINION: He has the build and he's a very good actor ..but is he superman..i'm not sure.

Matthew Bomer

WHO: Best known for appearing in the tv show chuck, bit parts in movies such as flight plan.

MY OPINION: He has the look, but acting wise ..i don't think so

Tom Welling

WHO: We all know TW from smallville, he has been playing clark kent for 10 years

MY OPINION: I love smallville and i think TW is great on the show but i don't see him as big screen material.

So there's the list, out of the ones mentioned Brandon Routh would be my pick..if not him someone new that hasn't been mentioned.