Monday, 10 August 2009


So i have this life list, with things that i want to do and once i've done them i tick it off, on sat night i got to tick off number 5: Go on a ghosthunting investigation.

DISCLAIMER - Any resemblance to actual persons, LIVING or DEAD, is unintentional and purely coincidental......HAHA

"Is there anybody there.........can you flush the toilet" ??

The investigation took place in a old haunted hotel in Wishton, i made my fiend Luke go with me as he owed me one (see last blog) Well anyway here's the jist of what happened, Luke, myself, others and a team of ghost experts carried out spooky investigations throughout the night, in hope of finding some proof that there is indeed life after death.

The team of experts (snigger) comprised of 2 woman and 3 men, one of the woman claimed to be a medium ........but i would say she was more of an extra large haaaaaaaa.

The investigation took place from 9pm to 3 am. For the mere price of £35pp you got to do such ghostly activities such as :

- Moving a glass around a table

- Moving another glass around a different table

- EMF recordings which satnds for electric - mo...something according to the ghost expert

- Holding crystals and rods that only move when you ask the spirits questions.

- A seance " Are you there Michael Jackson ?" ..............................>

- Walking up and down stairs

MULDER: You don't believe in ghosts?
SCULLY: That surprises you?
MULDER: Well... Yeah. I thought everybody believed in ghosts.

However the night wasn't a total loss, highlights included medium womans fake asthma attack/ fake trance, her trance was really something, with the acting abilty of an eastenders extra she twisted her face and said "Wenches, your all Wenches". I've never wanted to laugh so much in my entire life, i looked around to see if anyone else was having the same problem, i could see that Luke was finding it difficult not to snigger ...but the others were swallowing it up like fools, they were even asking her questions - yeah i have a question "why don't you stop conning people you big fatty moo moo"

"Are you bad or evil "

It was coming up for 3 am and everyone was tired or drained as they say in spirit speak, so Luke and i dashed to the door ..where we were stopped by a man with long grey hair and a beard .." Thou shall not pass this way" ..when i asked about this man i was told that his name was jack and he died ......10 YEARS ...AGO ...i'm kidding he was just some old nut that worked there haa. We couldn't get out the door and there was no other way out so we went through a fire exit and over a wall - despite my fear of climbing and heights i managed it.

I have always been the kind of person that has to experience something before i mock it i'm free to mock away, i can say without a doubt that nothing paranormal happened, the glass moved around the table bacause people including myself were pushing it. The ghosts that made contact: the vicar, full stop and Barley were all made up...and the EMF went off because it was near electricity. The trance was clearly an act and i didn't feel scared at any point.

as Scully once said ....

"I mean, that a spirit would materialize or return for no other purpose than to show itself is silly and ridiculous. I mean, what it really shows is how silly and ridiculous we have become in believing such things".